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Calling all small business owners! Wondering how standards can protect your data and cut energy costs?

Join our exclusive webinar to see why standards aren't just for big organisations, with illustrations of how standards can help safeguard your business data in the face of cyber threats and support effective energy cost management. Plus, seize the chance to access a treasure trove of over 90,000 British/European and International Standards with our special BSI Membership offer!

Event Details

Unlock the power of standards with our upcoming session! Join us as we demystify the world of business standards, revealing how standards can protect your data and save you money.

In this enlightening webinar, we won't just talk theory – we'll delve into a real-world example showcasing how standards act as a shield, enhancing your business resilience in the face of ever-present challenges like cyber threats and escalating energy costs.

Relevant across all sectors, this session is your gateway to understanding the transformative impact of standards on business success. Don't miss the chance to elevate your knowledge and fortify your business for a future of resilience and trust.

What will participants gain?

  • An understanding of how standards are created and why businesses use them.
  • Cyber risk - what small businesses need to consider:
    • 40% of UK businesses suffer a cyber-attack each year
    • What are the most cost-effective steps small organisations can take?
    • How can standards help to keep track of cyber risks and mitigate them
  • A step by step approach for SMEs to put in place an energy management system, including:
    • Energy Standards: Guidelines for managing energy efficiently.
    • Interactive Emission Reduction Tool: A tool to help organizations calculate their emission reductions, aiding in managing energy costs
    • Future plans for standards to support net zero transition planning
  • Opportunity to ask our experts questions.

To register your online place visit: FSB - Building resilience

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